How to Grow a Golf Club Database

How to Grow a Golf Club Database

Hollinwell Golf Club 1st Green

Your Golf Marketing were approached by a Top 100 club with one goal. Lead Generation. Increase the size of their database.

Having supported many golf clubs with marketing in the past, we still get excited when we’re approached about new projects. 

Our brief was clear from Hollinwell, “Generate as many leads as possible for golfers who want to come and play our golf course.”

At Your Golf Marketing, we believe it’s vital to keep increasing the size of your database. Obviously, there needs to be a balance between quality and quantity.

The Benefits of Lead Generation

Growing your database is a great way to increase awareness of your brand. Additionally, the bigger your database, the more opportunities you have to generate more business. Furthermore, by capturing golfers data, it will open up additional marketing channels through emails.

The Platforms We Used to Grow a Database

Through the use of paid social media, we targeted a particular demographic and locations. 

We also used non-paid for social media to engage with existing page followers to help support the growth.

Many golfers visit the golf clubs website, so we built a webpage with a data capture form. We then put this page under the other visitor pages in order to give it more exposure.

Finally, we put together an email to share with our media partners and industry connections. They could use the email as content for their platforms.

The Results From Our Marketing Campaign

From using Facebook and Instagram for paid advertising, we generated over 1,600 leads alone.  A further 500+ leads were generated through the website, organic social media and media partners.

What Was Our Spend on Marketing

The only money we spent was on paid social media and cost under £200.

So, How Can You Use this New Data in the Future

Golf clubs are very different, therefore require a different marketing approach. Below are just a few ideas of how you might work your database through email marketing.

  • Membership special offers / availability
  • Promote society packages
  • New open competitions
  • Upcoming events
  • Green fees
  • Announcements
  • A general newsletter

One thing I would say. Don’t just try and sell to your database the whole time. We, as customers, switch off. Use emails to build relationships. 

Do You Want to Grow Your Database?

If you’re wondering how we helped ‘X’ club grow their database, then please get in touch.